"The properties of a materialalways determine the qualities of the construction."
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Glass statics

We dimension glazing of any kind and also prepare the auditable static proofs. The measuring of glazing is usually conducted according to the technical rules introduced by the construction supervision for the use of glazing (TRLV/ TRAV/ TRPV).

The calculation of the stress for the glass panels is conducted with the help of analytical approaches or the Finite Elements Method (FEM). FEM-calculations offer the possibility to consider all kinds of special geometries, any kind of stresses and also non-linearities.    
It is thus possible to achieve a much more accurate layout of glazing and – in the case of large-sized panels – a more economic one, too. It is also possible to calculate transient-dynamic shock processes or pressure waves and thermic problems.

Our services in the field of glass statistics include:

  • Dimensioning of glazing
  • Preparation of the auditable static proofs
  • Numeric simulation of the pendulum impact test to proof shock resistance

Construction types include:

  • Vertical glazing and overhead glazing
  • Two panel- or three panel isolation glasses
  • Fall prevention glazing
  • Glazing accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • Walkable glazing
  • Glued glazing – Structural Sealant Glazing (SGG)
  • Single-sidedly fixed balustrade glazing
  • Canopy glazing
  • Whole glass constructions