"The properties of a materialalways determine the qualities of the construction."
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Our services for designers and architects

Consultation on glass

When planning a glass construction, it is vital to have a professional and independent glass specific consultation, because it is the guarantor for a well planned project. This counts for any kind of construction, be it a post-rail façade, a point-fixed rope under spanned glass façade, glass roofs, or static carrying whole glass constructions.

We are at your service any time, offering our knowledge on the following key areas:        

  • Dimensioning of glass- and façade constructions under consideration of all requirements on the technical side and from the construction supervision
  • Optimization of glazing under consideration of production specific and economic boundary conditions
  • Technical support for the implementation of all requirements regarding heat-, sun-, noise- and personal protection by glazing as well as all related structural-physical questions

Planning of bearing structures

As specialized engineers we also help you with the planning of any bearing structure for glass-, façade- or special constructions. Our goal is the implementation of your ideas and requirements on the construction in order to gain an approvable, statically finalized and buildable façade construction.

We take on for you:

  • Development, dimensioning and optimization of the construction:
  • Concepts for bearing structures/ discussion of possible variants
  • Dimensioning the construction
  • Development and dimensioning of all constructive details
  • Optimization of glazing from a static point of view regarding all structural-physical configurations and product related possibilities
  • Numeric simulation of static, dynamic and structural-physical problems using the Finite Elements Method (FEM)

We also make available all documented evidence of conformity:

  • Preparation of approvable static documented evidence for the approval by the construction supervision authorities
  • Coordination, implementation or instigation of tests of building parts for the experimental analysis of challenges like adequate carrying capacity, rest of adequate carrying capacity, impact safety and durability

We also make available all documents for planning of glass constructions:

  • Documents for the plans of supporting structures and detailed planning
  • Documents for the use in approval procedures
  • Documents of work design


Approval procedure of the construction supervision authorities

In glass- and façade construction a gap exists between the “state of the art” and the “state of the standardization” or the established technical regulations.

Despite the fact that after all technical rules and regulations (TRLV, TRAV, TRPV) have been amended and revised a lot of glass construction projects are approved via a “normal” approval procedure by the lower building authorities, there are still many cases in which “approvals on an individual basis” (ZiE) are necessary.

These approvals (ZiE) are given by the Supreme Building Authority of each federal state. This means, there are specific federal regulations, which may have different implications on the process of having a construction permission granted. These regulations are individually determined and always laid out project related by the respective federal authorities. There are only very few rules and guidance documents issued on glass construction regulations.

You may profit from our long standing experience in guidance on these procedures. We offer you the following services:

  • Planning and coordination of the concept for approval
  • Application for the approvals on an individual basis
  • Preparation of the necessary documents
  • Getting expert opinions
  • Coordination and implementation of the communication between all parties of the project and the authorities until the time of approval

We support and advice you from the first steps of planning on. This way you will gain confidence for any further steps concerning questions of approval of glass or façade construction projects by the authorities. If your glass construction is a complicated one, we also offer the possibility to organize the procedure of approval before or parallel with the tender. You then have additional schedule reliability and also much higher price reliability due to the fact that the construction runs by a tender which has been clarified completely concerning approval.