• Nordsilo
  • Hans Otto Theatre
  • 1a Page Street
  • Siemens Headquarter
  • Heliumverflüssigungsanlage IFW
  • Pfaffensteinstraße
  • maxCologne - cubic entrance
  • Joseph Pschorr House
  • Musée Mineralique
  • Open Workshop

The constant in constructive glass work!

There are changes, which guarantee stability while also leaving room for innovation. The Dresden office of GSK – Glas Statik Konstruktion GmbH – runs under a new name now and is called glasfaktor Engineers GmbH from January 1, 2012 on.

The reliable and motivated team is at your service with the usual contacts.

We are looking forward to new and exciting projects.

Sebastian Rücker & the glasfaktor team