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Glazing structure now in line with DIN 18008

From January 2015, the new glass dimensioning standard DIN 18008 will come into use at glasfaktor. When the standard has been added to the list of technical construction specifications, DIN 18008 can be described as an approved technological rule, meaning that it must be taken into account for building specifications, even if it has not been introduced into the laws of every federal state. The old technological rules can now only be used in special cases. The main change to the previous technological regulations (TRxV) is the new dimensioning concept involving partial safety factors. Due to the complex combinatorics, this leads to a considerable increase in the work required to calculate glazing values. The range of regulations under DIN 18008 is wider than under TRxV, making planning safety for glazing far higher when a structural glazing engineer is involved in the project at an early stage.