"No material transcendsmateriality as muchas glass."
  • Colour Activity House
  • maxCologne - cubic entrance
  • 1a Page Street
  • Musée Mineralique
  • Nordsilo
  • Joseph Pschorr House
  • Verbindungsbrücke Kontorhaus
  • Alfred Brehm House
  • ADG Schloss Montabaur
  • Heliumverflüssigungsanlage IFW


For the calculation of statics we need details on the building project, on the outline of the building and also on the fitting situation of the façade and glass elements. An overview of the necessary information can be found in the fact sheets below:

 For the support with an approval on an individual basis (ZiE) we need the following fact sheets filled out and signed by you:

  • Info sheet on the building project when applying for ZiE