“Glass can be so much more than just a transparent shell”
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Your partner for structural glazing and façade technology

We glasfaktor engineers see ourselves as a specialised engineering company for the fields of structural glazing and façade engineering. Our central focus is on structural integrity planning and construction, and providing engineering support on façade and structural glazing projects. Our range of services extends from determining the structural integrity of glazing or the entire façade to taking care of site supervision approval procedures, coordinating and carrying out component inspections and even professionally planning entire construction projects for glass facades and all-glass structures.

All calculations are based on the new DIN 18008 glass measurement standard, which must now be applied throughout Germany. This follows the Euro Code measurement concept and replaces the old Technical Regulations TRLV, TRAV and TRPV. Our customers range from glaziers' and metalworking shops and companies in glazing and façade engineering to architects, planners and project commissioners. Our aim is to offer our customers results-based support in planning and carrying out glazing and façade construction projects.

As glazing calculations have become very complex thanks to the new DIN 18008, we offer our customers dependable glass dimensioning with specialist engineering expertise and thus highly reliable planning for a range of applications which previously required approval. When developing solutions, we aim to bring into line the complex and sometimes contradictory requirements from the fields of aesthetics and design, structural integrity, building physics, construction, safety and economy.